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Karen’s WhoIs gets information about Internet sites online
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Karen’s WhoIs is a particular application, which gives information about all the Internet sites by querying all the top domain registries along with the Regional Internet Registries all over the world. Information about the owner’s mailing address and domain name is also provided by this application as well.

Karen's WhoIs can be downloaded and installed accompanied by VB6 Source Code to cater to programmers. Visual Basic Runtime v6.0 can be downloaded by Karen’s WhoIs whenever the need arises.

Since version 1.0 until version 2.6.6, many bugs have been fixed. The features have been enhanced continuously in all the versions. The version 2.4.1 fixed a bug where the cancel button got disabled all the time. Version 2.6 was there which changed the basic way of detecting the updated RIR information. Finally, the latest version 2.6.6 took care of the way storage of internal data files, to facilitate better compatibility with Windows Vista.

The application has good functionality to deal with relevant information and gives fair performance, and all the known bugs have been fixed, so you can use it to discover who owns Internet Domain Names, and how to contact their owners.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Compatible with security features of Windows Vista


  • Needs VB Runtime along with WhoIs
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